Fintech Valley is a platform to bring pioneers and enablers of innovation including entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors together on a single platform. The platform aims to connect, educate, support and promote all its entrepreneurship-centric stakeholders.

The partners can form and
support the ecosystem through
the following


Corporations can engage in the ecosystem
through the following methods

Co-creation as a mentor - Corporations can engage with
the Fintech companies to ideate on their business
problems and co-create solutions along with the Fintech
Building or operating Center of Excellence (CoE) -
Institutionalizing a CoE which is dedicated to research and
development of solutions to business problems in the
realm of finance and technology
Building capabilities - Representatives or representative
cells of corporations can form alliances with existing
incubators / accelerators / innovation hubs to groom
promising start-ups
Building expertise - Working together with Fintech
companies and training institutes to create skills that can
be later absorbed by the corporations themselves
Investing - Selecting promising and strategic Fintech
start-ups that cater to the specific business need of the
corporation and invest in its growth.


Participation in cross-industry networking on Fintech innovation
Access to a large concentration of high-quality Fintech start-ups
Access to free physical infrastructure and connectivity
Mentoring opportunities for experienced personnel
Collaborative initiatives such as Hackathons, ideation workshops etc.
Collaboration with government agencies and regulators


Academia can engage in the ecosystem through
the following methods

Research and Development partnerships - Pursuing
collaborative R&D with industry professionals and top
researchers in the field.
Shared infrastructure -
Partnering with University for
using labs and equipment by firms, business incubators,
and technology parks
Skill development - Working together to design
curriculum for students to specialize in next-gen
technologies, offering internships, and faculty training by
industry experts


Enhance institute's brand to attract students, strong faculty
and quality research projects
Create high skilled industry-ready manpower
Access to next-generation technology to solve some of the
biggest pain points of the industry
Faculty benefits through interaction with industry experts and
access to knowledge
Enhanced opportunities to find future employment for
students through university-industry connections

Accelerators / Incubators /
Innovation Hubs

Accelerators / Incubators / Innovation hubs can integrate and
collaborate with the ecosystem through

Running programs for select Fintech companies from the
pool of high quality start-ups
Ready space and other infrastructure for prompt
Access to a large concentration academic institutes for
co-designing of programs
Access to corporations to explore the opportunity of
forming corporate sponsored accelerators


Access to cross-industry Fintech innovation and ideas
Access to high quality start-ups and talent
Access to ready to move infrastructure
Government-supported conducive regulatory and compliance framework


Start-ups will reap advantage of the innovation
ecosystem through the following

Regulatory support
and incentives

Access to local and
global investors

Leveraging learnings from
mentors, corporations, academia
and training institutes and other
Fintech companies

Access to professional service
providers (e.g. tax, recruitment)

Access to
talent pool

Access to
corporate partners

Access to free

Access to high
speed connectivity


The investors start on an advantageous footing tapping
into this ready ecosystem because of the following

Access to a large
concentration of high-quality
Fintech start-ups

Access to accelerators /
innovation hubs / incubators
that have a set of select
start-ups that they are

Opportunity to assess the
future potential of Fintech
ventures while they are
collaborating with the other
ecosystem partners through
pitches, participation in
Hackathons etc.

Government guidance and
support in matters of
regulations and compliance


The investors start on an advantageous footing tapping
into this ready ecosystem because of the following

Classroom Sessions

Pitch Refining

Amplifying Marketing